Why do I want to lose weight?

They say that if you want to do something it has to be because you yourself really wants to do it. For you, and you only.

But that’s not why I want to lose weight.

I want to show that woman at the gym that I can. I want to prove to the police, my nan and any strangers that have ever walked past me and thought I was chubby that I’m not chubby. Or at least, I can be not chubby.

I want my friends to compliment my new slender self and I want my colleagues to comment on how much weight I’ve lost and how well I’ve done.

I want a girlfriend. I want girls (women) to look at me and not just see a lazy, over weight lump.

I don’t want to lose weight for me. I want to lose weight for everyone else.

And I am going to lose weight, get into the police, receive comments on how good I look and get a girlfriend. This weak attempt at it all from me ends now.

Thin Wagg is coming back. And this time, she’s gonna be buffer and better than ever.


9 thoughts on “Why do I want to lose weight?

  1. 3DCitizen says:

    More often then not, self-motivation ends at the “Do it for myself”. Most people feel just fine as themselves. The real drive comes from the goals of changing other people’s perspectives of you. Far to many people are afraid to say “I want to change how people see me”, and then actually go after that change that they want.

    It’s still about you, but you want to change perspectives of others. Go after it says I! That’s the ticket! Never give up, because the beginning is the hardest part. I can tell that you’ve got what it takes to take it all the way. Not halfway, not partway, but all the way until you see what you want to see from others to see in you.

    • That’s what I mean so much! I’m perfectly happy being fat and grumpy but other people aren’t. I’m just fed up of knowing that people think I’m lazy and overweight and that I can’t achieve things. That was such a lovely comment, it’s good to know someone believes in me. Thank you.

  2. Suqui says:

    What a great post. Whatever motivates you for a better healthier you, is mighty fine motivation for YOU. Plus no sense in being grumpy when you can be happy! Best wishes

  3. NewAgeGranny says:

    Wow – not feeling good enough for others is just the pits. It sounds like you don’t feel good enough at all. You are! But let’s try changing your own perspective about this. You say you don’t want to do it for yourself but for others. Wanting to do it for the police so you get in – that is FOR YOU. Wanting to do it so come chick thinks you are buff – that is FOR YOU. Wanting to do it to shut people up like your Nan – again that is FOR YOU (your ego actually lol) – but yes it is really for you. You are after certain things and you have decided what you think you need to do to get them. You can and probably will do all of these things – but it still won’t change the base problem – not feeling like you are good enough. You will most likely find other things that you need to do in order to be accepted. Ultimately you will come to a time when you know that you are actually good enough and you will learn to love yourself and know the truth – and the truth is YOU ARE AWESOME.

    • What an uplifting comment! Thank you so much – I appreciate it more than you understand. You’ve hit the nail on the head but sadly I can’t. I feel as though I could be content being mediocre but that others expect more of me. I guess that’s the result of having potential that kind of got wasted. I was cycling up a steep hill earlier and it struck me that I actually could do it and that I wanted to do it. You are also AWESOME! 🙂

  4. t.dot says:

    i don’t think i have read a more refreshingly honest thing in a long long time! love the honesty in your truth…amazing! good luck with all that YOU are and yup, newagegranny is right: you really are doing it for you even if it doesn’t feel like that right now. lovin’ the energy in your posts. if half of that is applied to your workouts, baby you’re gonna be smokin!!!

    • I try and be as honest as possible because, when it comes down to it, I know other people might be feeling the same and I like thinking that they can relate. 🙂 Haha! I’m trying but right now this heat is preventing me from wanting to do anything, let alone work out! 😦 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. michelle0509 says:

    Reblogged this on Hidden Key and commented:
    I may not have a nan, but I do know what it feels like to want to prove to everyone that you can do it. I love how you can go out thinking you look great and someone looks at you and says “Are you sure you’re comfortable wearing something like that?” Why would I wear it if I wasn’t comfortable? It just knocks a girls self-esteem.

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