And so he kills again.

Today my cat bought in a dead bird. He was really impressed but I wasn’t.

Every time it happens I feel sick to the stomach and really annoyed. Yes, I know it’s his natural hunting nature coming out but it surprises me that he continues to do it regardless of the fact that it makes me angry. My mum tells me that he doesn’t understand that I’m angry and that he sees it as a gift. I have never given anyone a gift and then seen them cry, shut me upstairs for a while or bury said gift.

I try not to show my anger with the cats. If the bird is still alive (which it often is) I put it outside and shut the cats upstairs while I deal with it. But if the bird is dead I make sure the cats are definitely upstairs as I know I’m going to be pretty angry for some time.

I also don’t see the point of it. They have plenty of toys, get fed enough and know that they don’t have to buy my affections with winged gifts. But they still do it.

Thankfully most of the birds (and frogs and worms…) are alive and so they just fly, hop and wiggle away but every so often I get a dead one and I just don’t see the point in it.

I’ll reinforce the fact that I know it’s natural but I don’t see why it’s natural. As I type, my cat is in the back garde staring at some birds. Part of me is tempted to keep him in for a while to pace out whatever natural instinct issues he is having but what good will it do?



2 thoughts on “And so he kills again.

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    THE OTHER WEEK OUR PUG ROLLED AROUND ONN A DEAD BIRD, I WAS TOO FAR AWAY TO NOTICE IT TO STOP IT IN TIME. I think cats want to eat the bird, dogs just want to roll around in it. 🙂

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