Not best pleased.

As you know, I love dreams and their meanings. I am obsessed with delving deeper into what a dream means and I love sharing my dreams with my friends.

But the last couple of nights have well and truly p***ed me off.

“Why?” I here you ask.

Well, as you know we decide what we dream. Not consciously but we do. No-one comes in and slots a dream card into my head at night. (And if you do and you’re reading this, when I find you I am going to be very, very angry!) Which is why I’m annoyed that I dreamt the things I did.

The night before last I had a straight up and down happy ending dream, complete with fire works, rainbows and ice cream. That dream annoyed me enough because if there’s one thing I know about happy ending dreams it’s that the cold reality in daylight is no-where near that. I woke up wanting what I could never have and that annoyed me.

But last night’s dream is what has got me angry.

I not only had a follow on from my happy ending dream but an even happier continuation. I know you’re wondering why this angers me and it’s simply because it’s like my mind is playing a really cruel game of “want it, can’t have it!”. It’s like someone offering me skinny thighs to replace my chunkier model and then going “ah no actually, they don’t suit your child bearing hips. SOZ!”

I hope tonight is better and I dream of being alone for my entire life. At least it would be accurate!


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