My adventures in the pool: day 1.

When I got to the pool today there was:

1. A nice woman with good tan swimming sensibly.

2. A man and son with no tan, messing around with green inflatables.

Now, yes I know it was my fault to choose to go swimming during half term but I have as much right to be there as anyone. Or so you would think.

The boy was jumping into the pool (oblivious to the signs that said no jumping in) and demanded that his dad went to the opposite side of the pool as him so they could play some stupid game. I’m not against fun or children or games but the three combined get on my nerves: especially when all I want is a quiet swim. I could have dealt with all of the above however if I had not been forced to swim practically parallel to the nice tanned woman as the joking duo took up three quarters of the pool.

THEN, to make my swimming adventure even worse, I got the feeling that the nice tanned woman was silently trying to beat me at laps of the pool. After much panting on my behalf she sadly won and I gave up and started slowing my swimming down and scowling at the dad of the annoying kid (who, just to make things worse, kept getting mouthfuls of water and spitting them back out, picked his nose and sneezed EVERYWHERE!).

Not a successful trip today. I’ll have to try again some other time.


3 thoughts on “My adventures in the pool: day 1.

  1. Boo. He should have put that thing on a leash! Lol.

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