I like chicken.

When we got home from shopping today my mum asked me to put the chicken that we’d just bought in the “chicken section of the freezer”. I didn’t know we had an exclusive chicken section. That shows how obsessed with chicken I am.

I love southern fried chicken, kentucky fried chicken, chicken chow mein, satay chicken, chicken coq au vin, chicken chasseur, chicken curry, chicken nuggets that aren’t made of real chicken, chicken kievs, chicken salad, roast chicken, chicken flavour crisps, confit leg of chicken, chicken casserole and last, by not least, chicken and mushroom pie.

I adore chicken.

I like pork and beef and lamb but I could live without them.

I’ve recently been contemplating a vegetarian diet to help me lose weight but, after seeing the scale of the above list, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t do it. I love chicken just a bit too much.


4 thoughts on “I like chicken.

  1. girlinsapphire says:

    Can’t blame you. Chicken is amazing. I haven’t tried it in all those different forms you mentioned, though. I don’t eat any red meat, and I don’t miss the days when I used to…but I know that wouldn’t be the case if I ever were to give up chicken 😦

  2. If I could eat chicken for every dinner, I would.

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