Big Brother.

Yeah, I’m watching it.

I’m not ashamed to say that I quite like it. (Not enough to realise that it had already been on for an hour… But enough to find it on +1 when I did realise that…) In previous years I’ve been too busy to watch it properly but this year I have all the time in the world (minus when I work, socialise, volunteer and sleep but I’ll find time for BB this year!).

I love how recent music is used and I liked seeing more than one housemate being introduced at a time. What I LOVE though is Luke, the trans lad, and Scott who’s gay and not posh… It’s so good to see the LGBTQ community being very well represented this year.

I’m interested to see whether they chuck a “celebrity” in later on in the series but right now I’m gonna head off and catch up!

So excited!


4 thoughts on “Big Brother.

  1. Jack says:

    OMG the trans lad is so awesome! love him! There isnt a good way to say it but he look like a proper guy… even i didnt realise and my dad was thouroly conviced as he wasnt watching the part going in but later said ‘get trakies on lad’ HAHA ❤ is scott the really posh one? swear there was only on gay guy?

  2. He is adorable! Soooooo good to see a trans lad in there! 🙂 Yeah, I was so shocked when he said he was born female. Yeah Scott’s the one who said he wasn’t posh… But sounds posh. 😛

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