A few reasons why I can’t watch films.

I really wanted to watch a film at home today. My body aches and I feel shattered so I was thinking of curling up on the sofa with a hot water bottle and having a little snooze. But I can’t. And here’s why…

1. My attention span. Even when I’m not tired I have the shortest attention span ever. I get bored so easily and I can’t concentrate/sit still for 15 minutes, let alone over an hour.

2. I cry at everything. The smallest thing can trigger floods of tears. It doesn’t even have to be sad – sometimes I cry with happiness at films. (I say sometimes, I mean nearly every time!)

3. I can’t take films seriously. I dissect them until I have found flaws with them at which point I’ll send an angry text to someone or make an angry vlog. It’s happened a lot over the years.

4. I’m not good at watching that middle bit. You know the bit. The bit where eveything goes wrong and for some stupid reason the characters don’t do what you think they should do and they get wound up in even more mess. I normally skip through that bit.

Don’t get me started on cinemas!


4 thoughts on “A few reasons why I can’t watch films.

  1. greatwhitebrow says:

    Not even Lord of the Rings?

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