No, this isn’t about plugs. Although, now we’re talking about it, doesn’t it bloody hurt when you stand on a plug? Apart from an ear ache, migraine, sinus infection or tooth ache I reckon that has got to be one of my most feared pains.


There’s this bloke who edits my videos, laughs at my jokes and is genuinely a top lad. He is a huge supporter of my comedy and I owe quite a lot to him.

He’s a talented guy himself and has recently set up a radio station which promotes unsigned acts and up and coming people from all walks of the entertainment/arts umbrella.

I strongly suggest you check his website out as he’s an inspiration and he puts a lot of work into what he does and deserves a hell of a lot of recognition.

So here it is:

Plug over. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Plugging.

  1. Raye Matelski says:

    Earache can be really annoying but i usually take some pain killers and antibiotics to manage it.^

    My own blog page

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