Stupid things people say: no. 4

“Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun.”

I don’t mind when someone says this when you’re out with friends and you’re commenting on the situation seriously. In fact, you’re stating fact. And time has probably “flown” because you were having a good time. I like having a good time.

I DO mind when people say it at work because: 1, that kind of raw sarcasm annoys me and 2, it’s not possible for the time to fly. Time doesn’t fly. Time just is. It can’t fly, it can’t run, it can’t skip (unless you have a slightly juddery clock like we do at work where it looks like it’s skipping).


P.S. My guitar is still in the boot of my car.


5 thoughts on “Stupid things people say: no. 4

  1. greatwhitebrow says:

    ‘Time’ only exists because it people created to keep track of the day. Personally I believe, the sun rises and sets. That’s when work (farming/manual labour) should be done. Don’t bother with time slots.

    A suggestion for ‘Stupid things people say’… So they turned around and said this and I turn around and said that. Are people not getting dizzy with this turning malarcy?

  2. adinamihoc says:

    ture. allegedly, every person’s perception of time is relative as is everything around us ultimately. but you’re right, it doesn’t pass by faster, there’s simply more going on which takes your mind off thinking of time in the first place

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