I’m never happy.

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful: the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze. It was classic summer weather.

And I hated it.

It went from being “too cold” to being “too hot” and I’m not the only one that thought that. For every one person that loved it, there was another fifty six that didn’t.

As a nation we are never happy.

I remember sitting in a French lesson when I was eleven complaining that I was too hot and asking, in broken French, if I could take my jumper off. My teacher, who was wearing a (maybe faux) fur jumper, shouted “Zis is nuzzin! In Fronce it is ten times zis hot!” That shutΒ me up.

Today the weather is glorious so I’m going to stop moaning and get out there.


7 thoughts on “I’m never happy.

  1. Bill says:

    I SO “get” this. I am hoping to one day wind up living in this perfect place where it’s always 66 degrees (Fahrenheit. I have no idea what that is Celsius, or even if that is the way to spell Celsius…,). Where I live, along the coast in southern California, it gets pretty close to that average much of the year, but there are still too many swings outside the 60s for my liking. When I become King Of The World, which should happen any day now…, it will ALWAYS be 66F, partly sunny (which implies partly cloudy) (let’s say 60% clouds & 40% sun), slightly foggy (needz me my moisture), and westerly breezes at 5 mph. (kilometers…?? Oy.) Maybe as king of the world I’ll be better at metric conversion rates. Probably not.

    • I was going to say, 66 is VERY hot if we mean celsius! Ooooh California – you just saying that makes me jealous! Yes definitely – I can see you being made king of the world any day now. Any day… Haha! You should invent your own scale of measurement and make everyone learn it when you become king! πŸ™‚

  2. greatwhitebrow says:

    If you haven’t been to France, I Will say your French teacher is right. In the summer, it’s a wonder how the British haven’t physically melted. We can barely stand the heat here. Or maybe that’s just me. Bring on the rain.

  3. Jack says:

    Ahaha love the accent! I know exactly who that would have been!!! When we went to France in year 9 was it hot? Noo it snowed!!! GAHH. But i have been to Diseney in the heat.. owwy. 😦

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