I’m a bit annoyed.

Afternoon all.

Earlier today I went into town to get my guitar fixed. It’s had a string broken for a while and could generally do with a bit of a revamp. So I toddled off all cheery and excited only to find that the shop was closed. Fair enough.

I headed back towards my car, guitar clinging to my back, when a man stopped me and said:

“You should play that outside the shops. You might get some money mate.”

Ok, a few things.

1. I know he was probably just trying to be nice. I know that. But his tone of voice took the nice side off, it was almost as if he was mocking me.

2. I don’t have the time to stand around playing songs on my five stringed guitar.

3. I’m not his mate. I know it’s a colloquial term and all that and people say it to anyone but… (Also, is it only me or does “mate” have connotations of relating to a man? I know from the neck up I look like a bloke but seriously? These breasts and my childbearing hips weren’t an accident!)

Maybe I just get annoyed too easily. Maybe he had spotted my clear musical talent (!) and was just trying to push me in the right direction. Whatever his intentions, I feel a bit grumpy.


4 thoughts on “I’m a bit annoyed.

  1. I love your blog..I went through all your posts giggling to myself..thanks for passing through mine..I’m looking forward to more from you..thanks for making me smile!

  2. greatwhitebrow says:

    I get called mate all the time and I hate it. Last I checked, mate was another term lover/fuck buddy in the animal kingdom. Aside from that, I hope you got your guitar fixed.

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