Life at the gym.

This morning was, again, gym morning.

I slogged away and still felt like an elephant when Mrs Trim minced in flashing me snide glances. Yeah, I’m fighting a silent battle with her. And I will win.

(Because this is a silent battle I have no idea how I will win… Maybe one day I’ll stride in with my police uniform on, announce that, unlike some people, I have achieved my goals and am self motivated and happy and that I do not rely on putting other people down to make myself feel good. Or maybe I’ll just lose a bit of weight and stop going to the gym. That’s more likely.)


2 thoughts on “Life at the gym.

  1. This made me laugh- I have silent battles in my head with other women in the gym. I secretly hate them for being fitter, stronger, more attractive than me, and I simultaneously will them to leave the gym, or puff and pant so I feel more virtuous 🙂

    • waggcomedy says:

      Yes! I do exactly the same! I haven’t seen the annoying gym woman for a while though so I have comforted myself by telling myself that she has broken her leg whilst doing a marathon. 😀 I’m such a bad person! 😛

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