I’ve had enough.

Earlier today I snapped and decided that I was fed up of living how I do: tired, grumpy and overweight.

So I went shopping and bought hardly-any-fat snacks and lots of cereal.

I’m actually going to do this: I’m going to lose weight (which I’m hoping will make my happier and more alert…).

Once the weather perks up, I’m going to cycle to work and I’m finally going to go to the gym regularly.

I’m fed up of people giving me a sympathetic look or asking why I don’t seem myself. I’m fed up of wasting so much money on food that makes me feel ill because I eat so much of it and I’m fed up of not being in the police. If I hadn’t been so underprepared for my fitness test I’d be training now and getting a glimpse into my future. I literally have no-one to blame but myself and it’s time I face that.

Things have got to change.


2 thoughts on “I’ve had enough.

  1. Required says:

    I like how you want to make a change, but please, dont be so hard on yourself! Be firm but not harsh. Yes be firm enough to get you up and out to the gym, but a little reward after wouldn’t go amiss! Not food based. Maybe something else you realy enjoy. Or a fruit salad… Yummy!

    • Awww thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, I’d love a fruit salad about now! I feel like I have to be hard on myself or I won’t do anything about my weight. But I’m already feeling more positive about it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

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