Complete lack of motivation.

I really want to get back into swimming and cycling but I have literally no motivation to do so. And, more than anything, I don’t have a need to. If I want to get water in my eyes and feel self conscious about my body I could just have a bath. And now that I can drive, I have no need to use my bike and it’s hardly as if it’s nice weather to go for a bike ride (it went from hail to brilliant sunshine in seconds here yesterday…).

Before I could drive I would cycle everywhere: down the shops, to see my friends, I even attempted the trek to work.

But now, 8 months down the line, I can drive and am 2 stone heavier.

I’m begging you summer to come quickly so I can get fit. Please.


2 thoughts on “Complete lack of motivation.

  1. Bill says:

    We live near the sea, and only about 2 miles from a gorgeous marina where there is a really nice stone walk path that easily enables a three mile walk. The air there is near perfect and the scenery very easy on the eyes. It’s the kind of place people want to vacation near… You’d think I’d be happy to get down there a few times a week and just take a walk. A WALK for god’s sake. Yet, it’s the hardest thing in the world for me to wrap my mind around. Once I’m down there I usually really enjoy it and I’m always glad I went. It’s the getting up off my rear end and getting down there (in the car, mind you) that’s the issue. Having to change into my walking clothes seems such the chore… Pretty pathetic, I am, sometimes. So, yes, I do find that, as they say, “showing up is half the battle”. Good luck to both of us in…showing up. 🙂


    • It’s exactly that! (And where you live souns lovely by the way!) I know that it’ll do me good yet I just can’t seem to make myself do it. Yes! Good luck to both of us in showing up! 🙂

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