I’m a big believer that dreams have meanings. I mean not the sort of dream where you eat fish fingers because you ate fish fingers earlier that day when you were awake but dreams that seem to come out of no-where.

Those are the kind of dreams I like.

Every so often I catch myself looking on dream related websites trailing through heaps of facts and figures and I’m amazed. I really am.

There’s facts about when you are most asleep, how long most dreams last and what your dreams could symbolise and I lap it up like a cat and a bowl of milk. (I know I talk about cats a lot but I can’t help it… I love them! I mean I know it’s a stereotype but sometimes, just sometimes, I secretly get pleasure from adhering to such stereotypes.)

There isn’t really a main point to this post. It’s just that every so often I have a dream and think “That was really something! I wonder what it meant…” I’m the sort of person who thinks deeply about things anyway but dreams push that to a whole new level: I daydream at work about the meaning of the dreams I had the previous night and spend so long talking about the same dream over and over again with my friends and desperately search through dream dictionaries for even the slightest hint of what my dream might mean.

But sometimes there isn’t a definition which then leads me to the conclusion that maybe I planned that dream. Maybe it isn’t my subconscious telling me to do something maybe it’s my consciousness (does that make sense…?) telling me to do something in a really obvious way. Maybe there’s no hidden meaning. Just the blatently obvious one right in front of me and maybe it’s less of a hint and more of a daunting realisation and less of a subtle nudge and more of a giant push.


(On a side note, how weird are nightmares? Why do we deliberately torment ourselves with thinking about our worst fears? What’s wrong with us? I mean maybe it’s our way of confronting our fears but I’m pretty sure that I’m more scared of being kidnapped (teenagenapped?) once I’ve dreamt about it… But seriously, we are sadistic humans.)


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