Up until a year ago I had a phone that did everything I wanted it to: it sent texts, allowed me to make calls and let me browse the internet. Now I have a phone that freezes when I send texts, never gets enough signal to allow me to make calls and does not connect to the internet.

I had my old phone for three years and adored it. It wasn’t anything special but it was faultless. I once dropped it from the top of a two storey building and found it intact and functioning better than ever. It held just over 20,000 texts and was with me, nesting in my pocket, through some of the best and worst moments of my life. It had a killer light which I would often use as a torch to read my books and a great task manager thing.

But one day it just kept telling me that I had no memory left and it started to freeze.

I was heart broken.

Naturally, I made the decision to get a new phone.

My current phone is useless.

I’ve been desperately deleting texts from my old phone in the hope that maybe the memory would increase and I could go back to using it (yes, I keep it charged and yes I still read texts that I have on there…) but it seems like it really is the end of an era and I’m gutted.

Just a couple of days ago I was reading through some old texts and it made me realise how much things can change; both for the better and for the worse.

So is it sad that I’m still clinging onto the past? I’m really not sure. This goes beyond me being annoyed with technology. It’s even beginning to sound like I was in love with that phone. I wasn’t, just in case you were wondering. It just symbolises really happy times for me.

Ah well, things happen for a reason and maybe my recent issues with my current phone will allow me to find a phone just as good as my old one. Well maybe not quite as good but…


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