I have a love hate relationship with caffeine. I love it, it hates me.

I suppose you could say that I’m caffeine intolerant or sensitive. I get headaches and nausea, blackouts and paranoia from caffeine yet I still, very occasionally, indulge in it. And I’m left asking myself one question: why?

I think I like the high it gives me.

I get a nice rush where I feel unstoppable and then get days of feeling awful, and ridiculously painful, caffeine withdrawals.

I always say that I’m going to stop drinking caffeinated products but the temptation is still there; lingering like an annoying fly. It’s a temptation that 9/10 times I can ignore but that tiny percent of the time that I can’t, I indulge in it.

Last night was that tiny percentage. And now I have a headache.


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