This gym thing just isn’t working.

My legs hurt. My arms hurt. My head hurts. I’m not even exaggerating. (Well maybe I am a little…)

The problem with the gym is the motivation to go. Once I’m there I enjoy it. Yeah, I’m a sadistic woman. But it’s true. As soon as I’ve got there I feel instantly better. As soon as I leave I feel agonising pain but that’s not the point.

Someone once said to me that maybe I make excuses for myself. I say I can’t do something but actually I can.

This is where the gym thing comes in. I say I can’t do it and that I haven’t got time for it but I have really. I just like to make excuses.

And now I’m hungry.


2 thoughts on “This gym thing just isn’t working.

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself! (sorry to be leaving you all these notifications. I just discovered your blog and you’re like an English version of me! I love it! Hopefully that’s a good thing in your eyes.. otherwise I just sound totally creepy). But you’re very very funny!

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