I’m not an angry person buuuuuut…

I am an angry driver.

Now I’m not saying that I’m a great driver. I’m no expert: I attempt hills in fourth, I indicate the wrong way and I take ages to pull away at lights but I’m not as awful as some people.

Here’s some driving related things that I cannot stand:

– People who were clearly never taught the “give way to the right” rule. They just plough across the roundabout like they haven’t got a care in the world. Well they might not but I do. I care that they’ve just cut me up and I care so much that once I decided to wind down my window and explain to a man just how the rule works. That is a true story. I like to think that I can educate people.

– People that beep and get unnessecarily angry. Now we all have bad days but here’s the thing. I don’t care if you’ve just been cut up or if you got dumped or if you’re late. You should have gotten over it/been a better person/left earlier in case there was traffic/other circumstances that you couldn’t have predicted. Don’t be an arse.

– People that drive slowly. Not a bit slow but 15mph in a 40mph zone kinda slow. And then they slow down even more for speed cameras. I like to be cautious but really?

– Compulsive brakers. They see the car in front brake so they perform an emergency stop. Maybe if they stopped staring at the brake lights of the car in front and started looking up the road ahead they could plan in advance and maybe, oh I don’t know, change down a gear instead of causing a domino effect car crash every other minute?

– People who use their phones whilst driving. What a safe idea! I especially like the drivers who text while driving but hold the wheel. What a grand idea! I mean they can obviously text and drive at the same time because no accidents have ever occured because of that! And they really are top lads and lasses for answering their phone whilst driving – no call is not important enough to answer! Who needs road safety when you can chat to your friend, whilst driving, about your day at work?

These are just a few examples of things that annoy the hell out of me. And now I feel mighty angry!

So I’m going to have some milk and some cookies and hug my cats.


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